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    $100 / team

    Players must be 18 or older and preferably an employee or volunteer of your business or organization. Teams consist of 3 players and 1 substitute.

    Players should wear the same color shirt. Team shirts are available for purchase through C&P Custom Printing with the 3x3 logo. The team is responsible for contacting C&P about sizes, team color, and payment. 


    $200 / sponsor

    Sponsorship Package includes your business name on the Chamber’s social media and website, in the newsletter, and displayed at the tournament.


    - All participants will be screened prior to commencement of play. Anyone exhibiting signs and symptoms of the virus will be removed from the tournament. Staff members and volunteers will be screened.

    - The maximum capacity for the tournament is 50 people. This includes all players, referees, staff, and volunteers.

    - Hand sanitizer will be provided. Players must wash hands prior to and after each game.

    - Bi-standers, staff, and volunteers must be masked and 6ft apart. Players must be masked when not in play.

    - Each basketball will be sanitized at the conclusion of each game using an EPA approved sanitizer or an alcohol based solution (>60% alcohol).

    - Each team will agree to a waiver stating that by participating in this event they are making themselves potentially susceptible to exposure of the virus from an  asymptomatic carrier. This waiver details that they agree to undergo pre-screening and that they should remove themselves from the tournament if they exhibit any signs and symptoms of the virus.

    - When not in play, participants must maintain 6ft of separation and each team should maintain 30ft of separation.

    - A roster of each team must be provided to the event coordinator and include contact information.

    - Handshakes are prohibited.

    - Drinking fountains at the park will remain out of order. Bottled water may be provided or bring your own.

    - There isn’t seating at the park. Please bring your own chair or blanket to sit on if you wish.

    - Safety precautions are adhering to the State of Illinois COVID-19 Phase 4 guidelines.